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This blue-green planet we live on, called Earth, as far as scientist can tell, is the only planet that can sustain human life. The atmosphere has the perfect mix of air that we need to breathe and that plants and trees need for survival.

The earth is the perfect distance from the sun, allowing temperatures optimal for habitation of millions of specials of animals and plants, and it keeps the planet’s vast oceans at a temperature where the many species of fish survive.

In short, the planet Earth supports every species in the food chain, from the bottom to the top.

If the planet were to cool permanently, even a few degrees, there would be vast problems created. For instance, what if snow came earlier and stayed later in the Midwest; production of the grains grown there would decrease sharply, creating not only a grain shortage, but a meat shortage as well.

More importantly, what would happen if the earth were to heat up several degrees permanently? The ocean water temperature would no longer support plankton, which support fish, which support birds, and so on up the food chain.

The weather would greatly change; as the atmosphere heats, rivers and oceans evaporate. The levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere would increase, making the quality of our air, the air that you and I breathe everyday, unsafe.

Every degree that our atmosphere changes is harmful to the life cycle of all humankind in some way. Think Globally!

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