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Flowers – one of life’s small pleasures

Everyone loves to get flowers – they’re a great gift that you can put on display in your house, reminding you for a week or so of the person who gave them to you. More than that, they can be beautiful things in themselves, even if you buy them for yourself.

Today you can order flowers in person, by phone or over the Internet. Even when you think it’s too late to order some flowers for them to get to someone in time, the chances are that you can still find somewhere that will do it for you, if you’re willing to pay a premium – there are shops out there that can deliver flowers faster than pizzas.

Perhaps the nicest way to get flowers, however, is not to buy them at all – instead, head down to your local garden center, get a selection of seeds, plant them and water them. If you choose the right kind of flowers, you can grow your own flowers within literally a week of first planting them, and it’s a very satisfying feeling to know that you’ve grown your own flowers for yourself. If you then give them to someone else as a gift, it will make it far more special.

Whatever kind of flowers you get, make sure to put some thought into it. It is all too common, especially for men, to just walk into a shop and grab the first thing that catches your eye. It is much better if you do your research, know which flowers are in season and which kinds of flowers go together well in an arrangement, and especially find out what people’s favourite  flowers are before you get them flowers as a present – otherwise you might end up getting them a bunch of flowers that they don’t even like!

Overall, flowers are simple things that nevertheless are capable of bringing so much joy to people. They are one of life’s simple pleasures, not even that expensive. Why not buy some flowers for the special person in your life today? I guarantee they’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Flowers For U

There are many times when flowers are the perfect gift. There are specific occasions when flowers add just the right touch. Flowers are also used for decorating at weddings, receptions and parties.

Who doesn’t like to receive flowers? Unless you have an allergy, flowers are one of the favorite gifts to give and receive.

There are birthday flowers, anniversary flowers, get well flowers, I’m sorry flowers, and new baby flowers. You can send flowers to remember special dates, to celebrate new homes and to wish people well with a new job or business.

Christmas flowers look beautiful above the fireplace or mantle. A Thanksgiving bouquet makes the table complete and an Easter basket loaded with tulips and other spring flowers looks lovely on the coffee table. Put a vase of Valentine roses next to your bed or send your Irish friend a St. Paddy’s bouquet filled with bright flowers and greenery.

Even a vase of daisies brighten up the darkest winter day. Order flowers to welcome spring and to celebrate a graduation. Flowers can make an ordinary day less than ordinary and just a small bouquet makes a thoughtful gift.

A baptism is a wonderful time for a special bouquet. First communion or a confirmation is even more beautiful when flowers are sent.

Time for a wedding? You can choose from the most exquisite flower arrangements. Use flowers to decorate the church for the service. Plan gorgeous flowers for the bride and for all the attendants. Don’t forget the groom and all the other family members and friends. You can use flowers at the receptions, too. Flowers will look wonderful on the tables and placed around the room.

If you are planning a party you may want to use flowers. Fresh flowers perk up a table and add flair to any party. You can use flowers in vases, bouquets, with candles and other decorating items.

Don’t forget the other things that can be added to flower orders. You might have an occasion that calls for flowers and balloons, flowers and cookies, flowers and stuffed animals, etc.

For an excellent selection of flowers you should begin your search online. There are many sites that have fantastic flower arrangements and bouquets. You will be able to look at all kinds of flowers and then choose which ones you want.

Flowers can be used for many gifts and occasions. Don’t forget the flowers when you need a gift or want to celebrate a special day or plan a party.

Flower arranging – the love of flowers and colors is all you need

Flower arranging is one of my favorite pastimes it is both relaxing and pleasing for the amateur or professional. The aim is to create your own unique version of what you can see in your garden or country lane. The finished product should have a feeling of natural beauty.

Color combinations can be whatever you feel like, I find whites, yellows, blues and purples make very peaceful combos but some of the most stunning arrangements are from mixing bright and strong colors, let your imagination run for the most successful combinations… be brave and go for it.

The vase or container plays a big role it is useful to start a collection, some to think about are plain glass, stained glass and pewter in various sizes and shapes. There are now thousands of types of glass vase that you can buy over the internet so give this some thought.

Cutting tips
The best time to cut your flowers is in the cool of early morning
Sharpen your secateurs on a regular basis
Cut your stems long, this helps when you are arranging them
Once cut immediately place into a water filled bucket
Pick everything you can find rather than obvious combinations.

Conditioning tips
Leave your flowers in deep clean warm rain water for a day or so
Remove any leaves below the waterline of your vase
Cut the stems, soft stems 10°- 30°, woody stems 45°
Keep in a cool dark place preferably 1-5°C

Arrangements tips
Avoid symmetry or being strict, go with the flow!
Use different stem lengths
Make you arrangement three dimensional… think 3D
Selection of foliage is as important as your flower selection
Most importantly, contrast your colors

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