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Gifts for the Gardener

Is there a gardener you need to buy a gift for? Christmas is as great a reason as you can get to buy gifts for that special gardener. You don’t have to look far to find great gifts for gardeners. Every year there seem to be new gadgets coming out and several on-line websites have wonderful gardening gifts. A couple of them are and Both sites have an abundance of unique gifts for the gardener. Local hardware or home improvement stores will also have a good line of gifts for that special gardener in your life.

Practical gifts such as a shovel or trowel, garden hoses or other digging and planting tools are most always welcomed but then there are also the whimsical items to add that extra special touch to a garden.

A basket full of goodies for the gardener is also a great gift idea. Buy one already made or personalize one by adding your own special touches. A basket with the essentials is a good choice. It could include gloves, poison oak/ivy medication, fertilizer, twister ties, rain gauge, and disposable towels etc. You could include an Old Farmers Almanac if your favorite gardener would appreciate such “old school” methods for finding the best time to plant their vegetables and flowers.

Gardening books may need to be on your shopping list. Gardening books can be found anywhere and found on an endless variety of topics. Choose among specialty garden books, such as vegetable gardens, wild flower gardens, or formal gardens. Maybe a book on the subject of perennials and annuals, which flowers are best suited for your climate? How about buying plants that are best suited for your soil type? The local bookstore will have a whole section devoted to gardening books, it’s big business.

Perhaps your gardener wants to attract butterflies or hummingbirds? Or maybe they will after reading a book you gave them for Christmas about the appropriate types of flowers to plant to draw them to the garden. You can also will different hummingbird feeders that will keep these beautiful birds coming back again and again.

Garden stones are another popular gift for gardeners. Garden stones can be unusual shapes, colorful, humorous and can be personalized. You can even get kits to make garden stones with a child’s hand print and their name added to it, a wonderful way to span the generations and bring the little ones into the gardening world. What a wonderful memories that would make for the child and the gardener. Round garden stones can be bought and painted with the family name to make an extra special gift for a garden lover. You can put the year the marriage was established or maybe the year that the garden was started. Your personalization can make even an ordinary gift something very special, a real tribute.

On the more practical side, there are countless gifts to choose from such as special boxes to store your garden hoses and hose carts. Fertilizer sprinklers and water sprinklers are also good gifts. A really cute water sprinkler I found was in the shape of a John Deere Tractor.

A popular item for gardens is the gazing ball, to be honest I just don’t get the attraction but many do. They’re found in all sizes and colors and add a fanciful touch to the garden. Holders for the gazing balls come in many shapes, sizes and materials. A favorite of many is a little angel holding a small gazing ball. Perhaps I need to “gaze” into one for a while and learn the attraction.

Wind spinners and flags are also popular for the gardener. Spinners are available in a variety of colors such as the rainbow spinner and a patriotic, red, white, and blue spinner. Flags can be changed throughout the year changing with the seasons. I was surprised to learn of the many varieties of garden flags. Their growing popularity is due to the ability to give the garden a different look by changing them frequently, with the seasons, the crops, or the weather.

Have a taste for the exotic? You can find exotic plants such as the amaryllis exotica, or unusual items such as the shitake mushroom log. How about an Italian herb garden or a ginkgo tree growing kit? You may be surprised to learn of all that is available.

Animal or angel statues of any size make great gifts. Birdbaths are another added attraction to a garden that never goes out of style. I guess because birds can add so much to a garden and can also help control insects. But whatever you decide on know the greatest gift is the thought you put into it. There are gifts out there for every gardener, it’s a growing world and you can never go wrong as long as your heart is in your gift.

Gazebo & Garden Gazebo

The garden gazebo is a thing of beauty, it has been known that in the past kings and queens had enjoyed gazebos in their royal gardens, setting up a trend of garden gazebos for history’s rich and famous.

Using a garden gazebo to any property is a wise step, it seems that what was true many years ago is even more convincing today. Some people use a garden gazebo to increase the value of their property, gifted gardeners can use a garden gazebo to create a division between parts of a garden. In some cases, a big enough garden needs a garden gazebo to hold all the tools that are needed to manicure the flowers and mown.

These days almost anyone can own a garden gazebo, and assemble a garden gazebo in the backyard, garden gazebo kits offer the beauty of a wooden gazebo, many gazebos are available in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from Victorian and Amish styles to small to party size in diameter. Garden owners can purchase a garden gazebo kit and build their own gazebo by themselves, the kits can range in price and in quality, but the concept of DIY and the average low price allows almost anyone to experiment and enjoy his own garden gazebo.

Garden gazebo kits differ not only in price but also in the material of which the garden gazebo is made of. These kits range in price depending on type of wood, which is generally either pine or one of a variety of types of cedar, and size. Each wood has its own benefits for your garden gazebo and once you have finished constructing the gazebo, you can choose to paint it, stain it or let it sit out and absorb the elements, allowing it to change to its naturally weathered color which is usually a light shade of grey. After you have decided on which wood to use for construction of your garden gazebo, you should figure what you need in terms of size.

Once you set your mind of actually getting a garden gazebo, you will need think about the material and the weather in your area, these will have a significant effect on your gazebo and what you can expect of it. Most garden gazebos are made of wood, pine or cedar or the most popular ones, but there are many different gazebo kits out there, and it is common to find metal gazebo kits made of vinyl or aluminum.

The huge advantage wood garden gazebos have is that they fit into a garden naturally, adding natural wooden quality that accents and compliments any garden. If you plan on purchasing a wooden garden gazebo, you will probably have to decide between pine or cedar wood. While pine is more affordable, cedar is less prone to rot.

Thanks to the modern design of gazebo kits, constructing your own fashionable backyard structure has never been easier. All you have to do is set out all of the parts the gazebo manufacturer sends to you and then assemble them according to the instructions. Once you have built each of the walls of your garden gazebo, you should bring over some friends to help you tilt up each wall and put on the roof. While it is not incredibly trying work, it will generally take a day or two to complete

Gardening tips, techniques and plant information

Some of the most spectacular gardening is on the rooftops and patios of the world’s largest cities. Today’s homeowners and apartment dwellers do not have to discard gardening. In fact, they can create their own garden hideaway.

Gardening in small space means you plant in containers, choose plants carefully, grow up on trellises instead of outdoor, hang plants from something overhead. Herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and citrus fruits can all be grown in containers. More and more vegetable varieties are available specifically for container growing.

For small-space growing people can grow in everything from custom-made pottery to clay pots and wooden planters. Your gardening containers must have drainage holes at the bottom. Cover the holes with a section of window screen so the soil doesn’t leak out.

Get a bag of dry, soulless mix for container gardening. You need to soak the soil with water before planting. This process can be messy, so plan ahead and do it outside if possible. Moisten only as much as you’ll need for the current task.

Keep an eye on your gardening container. It can dry out quickly in hot weather. If you really get into it, you might want to consider a drip irrigation system. This is a network of plastic tubing that can be regulated to provide a constant moisture supply to your plants.

Most plants need an average of 1 inch of water every week. You should try to water your garden plants earlier in the day, so the sun can help dry off any water left on the plant. If you see a plant drooping, be sure to water it, because some plants wilt and do not recover if they dry out.