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Get An Attractive Lawn In Just A Couple Of Hours A Week

Time-strapped homeowners take heart-you can have an attractive lawn. Dedicating less than two hours a week to the average lawn can produce great results if you prioritize your tasks, says the nationally known “Yard Doctor,” Trey Rogers, Ph.D.

A recent survey revealed that consumers’ number one lawn care problem was finding enough time to care for their yards.

“Having a nice-looking yard is important to most homeowners,” explains Rogers, the Michigan State University turf scientist who has helped grow grass for the Olympic Games as well as for average homeowners. “But when busy schedules create a time crunch, you can prioritize your lawn care tasks and look for shortcuts that will still allow you to have a good-looking lawn.”

He suggests these time-savers:
Cut your lawn less often. Never “scalp” your lawn thinking you can mow less often. Letting grass grow a little longer is far healthier than mowing too close. Scalping damages the grass blades, preventing the damaged lawn from fending off pests, disease and weeds. When you mow, cut only a third of the length of the grass.

Water more efficiently. If you use manually placed sprinklers, set them properly the first time you use them so they water as much of your lawn as possible without sprinkling sidewalks or driveways. Mark the locations so you won’t have to guess the next time. If you can leave the sprinkler attached to a water hose, you save a few more minutes-just unreel the hose. Water in the morning (perhaps while you are getting ready for work or getting the kids off to school) to enhance absorption and avoid evaporation.

Get the kids to help. Put your kids in charge of easy yard care chores. Have them clear away all toys, sticks and other objects before you mow. They can also help with watering. Children should be out of the area and under supervision before you start to mow, however.

Fertilize once, when it can do the most good. If you only have time for one application a year, fertilize at the beginning of the growing season with a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. It’s less likely to damage your lawn if your application technique is not perfect, and it will continue to work for weeks.

Keep your mower in good working order. Have it tuned up once a year or do it yourself (it takes 30 minutes or less; learn how at

The Yard Doctor is part of the Briggs & Stratton Yard Smarts program, created to help homeowners achieve the yard they really want to have by providing knowledge and inspiration on lawn and yard care.

If you are pressed for time but want your yard to look nice, mow the front lawn first and the back in a day or two.

Gardening Resources: Lawn And Garden Magazines In The 21st Century

If you are a person who enjoys spending time in and working on a lawn and garden around your home, you may be looking for resources through which you can learn more about gardening and lawn care practices. One resource that you will want to consider utilizing when it comes to learning more about lawn and garden care are lawn and garden magazines.

In this day and age there are a wide array of different lawn and garden magazines that are being published around the world today. In point of fact, you can usually obtain a subscription to these lawn and garden magazines for a reasonable cost. Indeed, in many instances, these magazines offer good and solid deals for people are subscribing to these publications for the first time.

If you would like to check out one or another of these magazines before you sign up for a subscription, stop by your local bookseller. These merchants normally maintain a nice size selection of lawn and garden magazines on their shelves. You can take the time to review one or another — or several — of these magazines to find out what they have to offer. Through this review process, you will be able to determine what magazine or magazines will best meet your needs.

Another way in which you can review what is available in the way of lawn and garden magazines is online. Most major lawn and garden magazines now have Internet venues through which at least a portion of their publications can be viewed on the Net.

One factor that you do need to keep in mind is that more and more of the lawn and garden magazines that are being published today are more focused, more specialized. For example, there are magazines dedicated to people interested in organic gardening. There are magazines devoted to people who love cultivating roses. And so forth. In other words, when it comes to lawn and garden magazines — and specialty lawn and garden magazines — there really is something for anyone on the market today.

Finally, in this day and age, many garden centers and home improvement centers now offer a selection of magazines on their own racks for their customers. You will be able to visit these stores and obtain suggestions from the staffs of these stores as to which of the different magazines being published today can best meet your own needs and desires.

Easy Working With Cordless Lawn Mowers

Description on cordless electric lawnmowers. Have you got any question on cordless lawn mowers?, just read this article and you will learn the bases on these new innovative lawnmowers.

Most cordless electric lawnmowers have ups and downs on the mowers market. It is due to these specific lawn mowers have experienced so many breakdowns in the last years. Customers are dissatisfied upon electric lawnmowers even though the idea is really brilliant. Several companies invested in making cordless lawnmowers such as Ryobi, Black & Decker and Toro manufacturers . But they have discontinued manufacturing those models because of slow demand.

Most electric work with 24V NiCad lawnmower batteries. They are able to keep working between 1 up to 2 hours for specific models. The main advantage of cordless, is that we don’t have to deal with the hassle of dragging around an extension cord. This becomes a big problem when we work on relative big yards. Therefore, they performs properly on the field without cords.

On the other hand, there exists similar but at the mean time much more different lawn mowers, corded electric lawnmowers. They are actually less expensive than cordless electric lawnmowers due to the battery is missed. They are plugged in at all time, this is the most important disadvantage. We have to deal with the cord, trying to drag it around.

Robotic and electric lawn mowers

Nowadays, innovative lawn mowers are being designed by leading electric lawn mowers manufacturers. Robotic lawnmowers, are basically cordless mowers. We can leave them alone over the grass and by just setting up a positional system, the robot will mow the grass while we are watching TV, isn’t it perfect?All in all, we don’t recommend in buying these lawnmowers, even though they are on the market, we think that they still are just prototypes.