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Get Creative With A Garden Design

Adding a garden can be the perfect way to spice up any home or office lawn. We have all seen enough boring lawns that have nothing other than a tree or a bush here and there. If you have some extra time on your hands this year, why not try getting creative by coming up with a garden design for your lawn and then getting to work making it happen.

If the idea of coming up with a garden design for your property sounds overwhelming, then get some help. There are countless numbers of landscape architects and professional gardening aides that will be more than happy to assist you in coming up with the best garden design for your needs and that fit your tastes. Do a quick search through the yellow pages or do an internet search to discover different options for getting help with your garden design.

There are things to be aware of when planning your garden design. First, consider honestly what kind of budget you can afford to put toward creating a garden design. Do not let the huge gardens of your neighbors or friends intimidate you. There is no shame in starting small. The important thing is to know your own budget and then to stick to it. Creating a garden design can get out of hand as quickly as any other home project can.

Another thing to be aware of when planning your garden design is what kind of time – realistically – you have to put in to tending your garden. Again, don’t get caught in the trap of comparison here. Your garden design must simply be fit to your own needs and schedule. Don’t get in over your head with a garden design that will take far too many hours to tend. If, however, money is not an issue, than you can always considering hiring someone to attend to the fruit of your garden design each week. Just be realistic and plan a garden design that truly fits your schedule.

Adding a garden can be one of the best things for your home or office lawn. Just do it with care. Read up on gardens and learn about the most strategic ways to create a garden design for your particular climate and soil type. There are many details to consider when making a garden design, so do it carefully and you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a beautiful garden for years to come.

Different Types of Bird Feeders

When shopping for bird feeders you are likely to encounter a number of different styles and designs. The type of bird feeder that is best for you might depend on the type of bird you want to attract and how close you want to be to them in terms of an observer of their daily habits.

For a real close up view of feeding birds you might want to consider window bird feeders. These types of bird feeders are attached to the window glass with suction cups. You can buy these types of feeders for smaller birds and also humming birds. Be sure to make sure this type of feeder extends far out enough away from the window so that the bird does not fly into the glass.

The screen tray birdfeeder, also known as steel mesh birdfeeder is a tubular silo that is filled with different types of seeds or nuts depending on what kind of bird you aware most interested in attracting.  These are hung from a tree and can also be quite popular with squirrels. The most popular type of food used to fill a screen tray bird feeder is peanuts. However they can also be filled with raisins, mealworms, black oil or sunflower seeds.

If squirrels and other rodents are feasting too much on your bird seed you can also buy types of bird feeders that are the weight activated and spring shut once it detects the presence of a heavier small creature. You can also buy cage protected feeders or ones that are totally housed in metal.  Other protective devices for your wild bird feeders include spinners, dippers and flippers. The purpose of these gizmos is to throw the squirrel off balance should it attempt to venture onto the feeding platform.

Decorative bird feeders are brightly painted because the purpose is to fool the bird into thinking they are feeding from a fruit tree. These are excellent for attracting songbirds, especially the oriole. To attract singing birds choose decorative birdhouses in colors such as yellow, orange, red or pink.  These types of bird feeders are often made of plastic and might even seem a little tacky or not to your taste but it is this type of bird feeder that will appeal the
most to different types of song birds, as well as humming birds.

There are many different types of humming bird feeders on the market. Perhaps the most popular are the large pink plastic vessels shaped like large bulbs or  blossoms. These types of bird feeders have tubes that allow the hummingbird to suck up nectar in the same way as he or she would suck up nectar from the throat of a flower. However if you really want to observe a hummingbird up close then you might want to install window feeders.

If you want to attract wild birds, a wild bird feeder can be as simple as a wooden trough, a plastic plate set out on a table or a ball of suet hung in a tree. These should be placed some distance away from the house so the birds are not intimidated by a human presence.

You can make your own wild bird feeder from an old milk carton that is glued to a paper plate. A little door cut out of the bottom of the carton serves as the dispenser for the food and the top of the carton is left, as it is so more food can be added to the feeder as needed.  The feeder is then hung in a tree with a long piece of invisible thread or skinny wire to discourage squirrels from getting at the food. This is one of those types of bird feeders that makes an ideal craft project for kids.

You can purchase a bird feeder in a retail store but sometimes you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing birdfeeders online. One benefit to purchasing a bird feeder online is that often you can buy one that is more eclectic or creative than one that you find in a store.  There are also many niche sites that you should check into when purchasing birdfeeders online. These web sites are like small boutiques that specialize in particular types of bird feeders. Choosing a creative and unique design for your birdhouse can also prevent your backyard looking just like every one else’s on the block.